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Do You Have a Cavity?

At Purity Dental, we recommend coming in for a dental checkup at least twice a year to get your teeth cleaned and examined. This helps us catch any cavities forming. Appointments such as these are called preventive care appointments! We’ve conducted countless preventive care appointments in which we’ve been able to detect cavities in early-development stages. In these stages, cavities are usually much easier to fix and less costly!

If you’ve missed your dental checkups as of late, however, here are some symptoms you’ll want to watch for that are indicative of a cavity or a severe dental issue! If you catch these symptoms surfacing, make sure to schedule an appointment with one of our caring dentists ASAP!

  • Sensitivity to cold temperatures- This can either mean your roots are exposed and cannot handle changes in temperature or you have a cavity developing.
  • Sensitivity to hot temperatures- This could possibly be an indication of a more serious issue like an abscess in your tooth that needs immediate dental attention.
  • Sensitivity to sweets- If you find yourself becoming more sensitive to sugary foods and beverages, it may indicate tooth decay
  • A hole in your tooth- This is a prime symptom of a cavity that has developed and can be greatly aggravated when you start eating and sipping on drinks.
  • Throbbing pain- This likely means you’ve developed an abscess and you’ll need dental treatment as soon as possible
  • Dark spots on your teeth- Either your teeth have become stained, or you’ve developed a cavity. Our dentist will be able to identify if it’s a cavity and ensure it is fixed quickly before it turns into something more severe
  • Discomfort when chewing- This is a main sign of tooth decay or even a cracked tooth. 

Schedule an appointment with one our dentist at Purity Dental today and we’ll perform a thorough dental check up to ensure your mouth is healthy and free from any oral disease!