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Do Root Canals Hurt?

Root canal sedation

If there’s been a rumor that has hurt dental patients the most over the past several years, it’s the one you’ve likely heard about root canals. That is, “root canals hurt” or “having a root canal was the worst experience of my life.”

But are these rumors true? Or is there more to the story and root canals have unnecessarily been linked with a painful trip to the dentist’s office?

Modern Anaesthetic and Dental Sedation

Today’s effective numbing medications and dental sedatives make it essentially painless to go to the dentist. Although there may be a tiny pinch when an injection is administered, the area is kept numb during a root canal — and fillings, for that matter — so there isn’t any unnecessary pain when the tooth is being treated.

Some people do experience some soreness in their jaw after the procedure, only because they’ve had their mouth open for a longer period of time. With over-the-counter pain relievers and a cool compress, this can be easily managed!


Root Canals Make the Pain Go Away

The fact of the matter is that endodontic therapy (root canals) are meant to help eliminate tooth pain, rather than cause it. Because abscessed or dying teeth can cause severe discomfort, a root canal removes the nerve inside of the tooth, thereby eliminating the source of the pain.

However in some circumstances, severely infected teeth may have large amounts of inflammation and require drainage, especially if there is a visible abscess. Such fluids around the tooth can make it challenging to numb, which can make the tooth hurt during a root canal. In this case, our dentists at Purity dental may prescribe an antibiotic to temporarily clear up the immediate area of infection, allowing local anaesthetic to work effectively.

If you are experiencing any discomfort and/or been putting off a tooth from having root canal. Please contact us on 9540 8900 to find out how we can help!