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Could Bruxism Be Causing Your Headaches?

Do you find yourself having frequent headaches or migraines? Exhausted all avenues trying to figure out what’s causing them? Here’s one bad habit you might not have thought to be responsible- teeth grinding or clenching!

Teeth grinding, also known as “Bruxism” can give way to multiple symptoms including stiffness around the jaw, facial pain, worn-down teeth and (you guessed it) headaches too!

How Exactly Does Bruxism Give Way to Headaches?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a joint on each side of your jaw that helps control movement. When you grind or clench your teeth, you actually put a lot of strain on your jaw muscles and the TMJ. This constant tension can create fatigue around these muscles which can spread all the way up to your face, head, neck, shoulders and back!

Since clenching and grinding your teeth happens without you even noticing, it’s hard to connect Bruxism to the after-effects (headaches, neck aches, migraines etc.). Other symptoms can also include ear aches and broken dental work due to the constant griding of teeth against teeth.

When Does Grinding Most Severe?

People grind their teeth for different reasons but a common denominator for when Bruxism is at its worst is stress. A stressful situation or job can have you grinding your teeth all day- even while you sleep- without you being able to control it! On other occasions, it can happen during something as simple as driving your car, during which you can make more of a mental effort to stop it!

How Can You Treat Bruxism?

Treatment can vary on the severity and cause of your habit but there are largely two popular treatments that you can choose from.

A custom bite splint/guard that’s worn regularly will prevent you from putting additional strain on your jaw by preventing your teeth from being able to over clench. This is a simple way to reduce your muscle pain and any fatigue.

You can also opt for injectables- these are natural muscle relaxants capable of easing any tension around your jaw, face and forehead (which is where your headache stems from!).

Visit our team today if you find yourself suffering from headaches and a terrible teeth-clenching habit! Purity Dental will be happy to discuss your options!