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Extraction & Socket Preservation


Before you decide to extract your tooth, make sure you’ve been told about your options just in case you would like to plan for a replacement tooth in the future.

Most people will choose to replace a missing tooth at some point in time with a denture, bridge, or an implant.

After a tooth extraction, the jaw bone changes as it heals. It is common to see approximately 30–50% of the bone jaw height and width reduce within the first 3–6 months. The bone loss can result in structural change in the face and soft tissues.

This may affect your tooth restorative procedures in the future, as dentures, bridges, and implants require good jaw bone support to be successful in the long run.

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One way we can help slow down and minimise this change is to do a “socket preservation” procedure at the time of extraction. Once the tooth is extracted, the tooth socket is filled with a bone grafting material, and covered with a membrane.

The body then heals over time naturally, and the jaw bone is preserved for future tooth replacement options. Ask us today for further details.