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Common Reasons for Getting a Root Canal

Endodontic therapy — more commonly called root canal treatment — is a special type of restorative treatment made to preserve teeth that are at risk of an extraction. By getting a root canal, our dentists at Purity Dental Mulgrave can help you preserve your tooth for several more years. Otherwise, infections can worsen and lead to the tooth becoming non-restorable or be detrimental to your overall health

When would we recommend getting a root canal at Purity Dental? Here are just a few examples:

An Abscessed Tooth

Tooth abscesses may be asymptomatic or severely painful. A small cyst or pimple near the root will be visible on the gums or your dental X-ray.

Deep Dental Decay

Severe cavities that reach into the nerve canal allow bacteria to invade the entire tooth. Sealing it in with a crown or filling will only trap the infection and lead to an abscess

Cracked Tooth

A crack can easily run through a tooth, down into the root. It also allows a small opening for bacteria to seep into the tooth structure. Cracks can be quite hard to diagnose in some cases. Usually a root canal is the only alternative to extracting the tooth.

Hypersensitivity and Pain

Is your tooth sensitive to hot foots or beverages? Usually heat pain is attributed to nerve damage in a tooth.

Past Trauma to the Tooth

Did you know that if a tooth is hit during an athletic injury or car accident, it might not start to die until years down the road? The earliest symptom usually includes darkening of the tooth, because of nerve death inside of it.

Get a Consultation Today

Call our Mulgrave dentists to arrange an exam and X-ray, so that we can evaluate the nerve of your tooth and determine if a root canal is necessary. Purity Dental offers family friendly care where patients always come first!