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Common Causes of Toothaches

woman with toothahe

A bad toothache can be enough to put anyone in excruciating pain. But what do your toothache symptoms mean? What’s causing them? Depending on your particular warning signs and the severity of the discomfort, there can be a lot of reasons (and treatments) for the situation. Here are just a few:

Gum Recession — Receding gumlines leave exposed root surfaces inside your mouth. Roots aren’t covered in protective enamel, so they’re more sensitive to stimuli. Changes in temperature or simply touching your tooth may cause sharp pain.

Sinus Congestion — Swelling inside of your nasal sinuses can put pressure on the roots of your upper teeth. Sometimes people get toothaches as a referred pain, rather than something coming from the actual tooth.

Bruxism — Heavy teeth clenching and grinding can strain all of the tiny ligaments that hold your tooth in place. Your jaw and teeth can get sore.

Tooth Decay — Not all cavities cause pain, but some do. Particularly if you’re eating or drinking something that’s sweet. If you can tell the toothache is in a specific area each time, it might be a cavity. A quick X-ray can help rule it out.

An Abscess — When a crack or cavity extends into the nerve chamber of your tooth, the inside tissues can swell. Gradually, the inflammation drains out the tip of your tooth root and can create a visible abscess or boil on your gums. Some abscessed teeth are exceedingly painful, while others are totally symptom free.

When to See a our Purity Dental Mulgrave Dentist

If your tooth is in pain and isn’t improving, discomfort is getting worse, or you notice symptoms when you chew or eat certain foods, then call Purity Dental. Our Mulgrave dentists will quickly examine your tooth to determine the cause of your pain and get it treated before the condition gets worse!