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Getting the Most Out Of Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening

Yay! You’ve decided to brighten your smile! Seeing a dentist will help you get a better result than using a whitening kit sold over the counter. Is there anything extra you can do to ensure your smile responds better to the product? Here are a few tips and tricks that we want our teeth whitening patients to know about: Get a Check and Clean First For your whitening gel to work as effectively as possible, you want to have a clean surface to apply it to. Getting a scale and clean (with a polish) will make it easier for the … Continue reading

The Health Impact of Gum Disease

health risks of gum disease

It’s not uncommon to see a toothpaste or mouthwash commercial mention the dangers of gum disease. You may have heard the subject mentioned during your exam with one of our dentists. But aside from swollen or bleeding gums, it’s extremely important to note that there are repercussions on your overall health if periodontitis (gum disease) goes untreated. The Oral-Systemic Connection Oral biofilm that cause gum disease tend to accumulate under the soft tissues, working their way deeper as time goes by. These same bacteria can become dislodged and spread directly into the bloodstream. As they move throughout the body, they … Continue reading

Five Advantages of Dental Implants

man with dental implants

Are you ready to replace your missing teeth or find an alternative to your conventional dentures? Dental implants offer several tremendous advantages to our patients. Here are just a few that are worth considering:   They’re Stronger Than Natural Teeth Once an implant has integrated with the body and bone has fused it permanently in place, it can withstand more weight than healthy teeth. Their strength means implants typically outperform removable conventional prosthetics like dentures or partial plates.   Implants Last When properly placed and well cared for, today’s implants have the potential of success rate is close to 98%, … Continue reading

Is Flossing Really Necessary?

Woman flossing

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t like flossing. At Purity Dental we know it’s no secret that flossing is a hard habit to get into. And chances are, if you’ve never had a cavity, you may be asking our Mulgrave dentists, “is flossing really even necessary?” Yes. It is. And here’s why: Your Toothbrush Can’t Clean Between Your Teeth Brush as long and hard as you want, and the bristles will never be able to reach in between your teeth. Only flossing will physically remove the acids, bacteria, and food debris that have accumulated throughout the day. Wrap … Continue reading

Making Your Child’s Dental Visit a Successful One

Child's first visit at dentist

Is it time for your child’s first dental checkup? Maybe they’ve been before, but it’s been a few years and the first experience wasn’t that great. Here are a few tips from the Purity Dental team for you to keep in mind when prepping your little one for their next appointment: Play “dentist” at home, by taking turns brushing each other’s teeth. Sit with your legs crossed and have your child lay their head on your lap while you brush their teeth, then switch roles. Be sure to count and gently tap on each tooth as you go across their … Continue reading

Relaxation Dentistry: Oral Sedation Helps Curb the Fear of Dental Care

Woman having relaxation dentistry

Does the idea of going to the dentist make you feel nervous? Or worse, does it make you avoid going to the dentist at all? At Purity Dental, we know not everyone looks forward to their next dental checkup. That’s why we’ve invested resources to help curb dental anxiety and improve the overall experience or our patients. Am I A Candidate for Sedation Dentistry? There are a number of situations where dental sedation is appropriate. Here are just a few: Mild to severe anxiety related to dental treatment A lengthy or complex procedure that needs to be performed Oral surgery, … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Pain

Woman with wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth are the third (and final) set of molars to erupt inside your mouth. Depending on your family history and gender, your wisdom teeth may come in sometime during your mid-teen years or into your late 20s. The reason most people get their wisdom teeth taken out, is because they start to hurt (or hurt the teeth around them).   Managing Discomfort, Swelling, and Infection Most of the pain that comes from wisdom teeth is due to the pressure or swelling that they’re causing. You may start to notice an off-and-on soreness that tends to fluctuate from one day … Continue reading

Four Reasons to Whiten Your Smile

Woman after teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a fast and effective way to get years of stain and natural tooth discoloration off of your teeth. But if you’re wondering why it’s time to go ahead and take the plunge at your next dental appointment, here are four common things to we have encountered with our patients over the years:   You Plan on Getting Cosmetic Treatment If you hope to eventually get veneers or dental bonding done, your new restoration will be matched to the colour of your adjacent teeth. A brighter “canvas” will help you opt for whiter restorations when treatment time … Continue reading

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Woman choosing shade for crown

Sometimes called “caps,” dental crowns are a restoration that covers your entire tooth and acts as a helmet to protect your tooth from breaking apart. In most cases, they’re made of porcelain, but they can also be crafted of ceramic/metal layers or gold. You may need one when…   Your Cavity is Too Large to Fill A small filling is fine when there’s a limited amount of damage to your tooth, but if there will be more filling than tooth present, it will just put you at risk of a dental emergency with the filling and tooth breaking away. Remember, … Continue reading

Gum Disease? Whats that?

gum disease in female

Gum Disease? What’s that? Do you find there is bleeding when you’re brushing or flossing your teeth? Or there’s an off taste or bad breath? Maybe the gums are receding, or the teeth are more sensitive? Something might be going on but there’s no pain – what is happening? Healthy gums are the foundation to a heathy body and long lasting smile. If you are a new patient at Purity Dental in Mulgrave, we will perform a screening for gum disease, or periodontitis, as part of your comprehensive exam.  It’s important to know where you stand with your gum health … Continue reading