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Same Day Dental Bonding

Woman with dental bonding treatment

Do you have a small chip or gap in your tooth? You may want to ask our Mulgrave dentists about an easy cosmetic procedure known as dental bonding. Bonding uses tooth-coloured filling material (composite) to cover minor blemishes or flaws, such as: Exposed root surfaces Pitted or misshaped enamel Minor chips Small gaps between teeth The procedure is simple, fast, and essentially pain free. In most cases when you walk into our office with an issue, we can perform the procedure on the same day. No Numbing Needed Bonding is a procedure that requires little tooth preparation. As such, it’s … Continue reading

Three Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

getting a dental crown

Trying to avoid a dental crown? If you’re in one of these three situations, it’s best not to put it off any longer. A Filling Just Won’t Stay Put In order for a tooth to get a filling, there needs to be enough structure around the restoration to hold in it in place. Fillings can’t cover large areas or build a tooth, as they’ll break or fall out the moment you put any pressure on them. If the area is small enough, with enamel surrounding all sides, then a filling should be fine. However, thin surrounding structure and a large … Continue reading

Hidden Signs of Tooth Decay

woman with tooth decay

Could you have a cavity without even realizing it? If so, you might be surprised if our Mulgrave dentist recommends a filling during your next appointment. To combat tooth decay early on and minimize the risk of cavities spreading into adjacent teeth, watch for these common signs of cavities: Floss Shredding When you floss your teeth, does the string tend to get hung up in one area of your mouth? When you glide it out, is the floss starting to shred or tear apart? It could be that it’s getting stuck on a rough area of tooth decay or leaky … Continue reading

Should I Get Sedation During My Dental Appointment?

woman having sedation dentistry

Dental sedation (aka “sleep dentistry”) comes in a variety of different methods and strengths. Some are deeper than others. Certain types of sedatives even cause amnesia, meaning that you’re likely to forget most of your dental appointment altogether. On the other hand, lighter analgesics allow you to remain fully alert. But how can you tell if sedation dentistry is right for you? Is it time to talk to one of our Mulgrave dentists at Purity Dental. Ask them about adding a sedative medication to your next appointment. Here are a few signs that sedation is a good choice. You Keep … Continue reading

Four Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers

Are you thinking about finally getting a smile makeover? At Purity Dental, one cosmetic service we offer are dental veneers. These handcrafted cosmetic restorations are made to enhance both your appearance and the way you feel about your teeth. If you’re still on the fence about which cosmetic dental treatment is right for you, here are a few things to consider about veneers: They Offer Fast Results Getting porcelain veneers consists of a consultation followed by two appointments, about two weeks apart. Once your teeth are prepped and impressed, your new “smile” can be ready to wear before the month … Continue reading

Abscessed Tooth Symptoms

woman with heat sensitivity

A painful toothache can raise alarm that there’s a “big issue” going on somewhere in your mouth. Tooth pain doesn’t always mean there’s a severe infection like an abscess but to avoid any serious complications, come and see one of our dentist at Purity dental! But the lack of pain doesn’t mean you’re in the clear, either. If you suspect that you may be victim to a dental abscess, here are some of the warning signs to look for: Heat Sensitivity Nerve damage feels different than most cavities, because your tooth nerve becomes hypersensitive to things like heat. Visible Fistula … Continue reading

Dental Implant Maintenance

flossing dental implant

How do you take care of dental implants? Are they really that much different than caring for other types of restorations? In short, your new implants need to be cared for the very same way you would your natural smile. Not only do implants resemble anatomical teeth; they’re maintained in an identical manner. Flossing Your Implant Like your other teeth, implants must be flossed daily. Since a toothbrush can’t reach between teeth or just below your gums, flossing is crucial. Wrap the floss around your implant, so that it’s shaped like a “C” against the side. Gently rub the floss … Continue reading

How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

professional Teeth cleaning

Regular scale and cleans are central to your preventative dental care routine. But how often should you be booking checkups? If Your Gums and Teeth are Healthy As a general rule, people with healthy teeth and gums book a routine check-up and clean every six months. This is to prevent any dental disease from becoming a significant problem. During your visit, our dentist at Purity Dental Mulgrave, will check all your teeth to ensure there are no new cavities, perform a routine oral cancer screening, measure the health and strength of your gums and clean away any soft plaque and … Continue reading

Handling a Dental Emergency

If you’ve ever broken a tooth, had a bad toothache, or found yourself with a dental abscess while you’re out of town, you know how disheartening a dental emergency can be. Knowing what to do first can help you get out of pain and save your smile, limiting the extent of treatment you need. Here are a few tips from Purity Dental if you or your family are in the middle of a dental emergency: What to Do if You Break or Knock Out a Tooth: Act fast. Locate your tooth fragment and store it in milk or your saliva, … Continue reading

Dentures vs. Dental Implants

When you need to replace your missing teeth, you have a few options to consider: bridges, dentures, partials, and dental implants. About Dentures Dentures are fast and affordable. Whether you opt for a full or partial design, it can replace all of your missing teeth with one, removable prosthesis. However, dentures can take a lot of time to adjust to. You’ll need to practice speaking and eating with them. Even then, you’ll find that you need to cut your food into smaller pieces and opt for softer textures since you won’t have as strong of biting and chewing forces as … Continue reading