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4 Ways Cosmetic Veneers Increase Your Confidence

Smiling woman with healthy teeth

Have you been considering cosmetic dental treatments as of late to improve your smile? If you’re just venturing into the field, there might be many overwhelming options to choose from. However, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive treatment, finalized over the span of a few steps, we recommend giving Purity Dental cosmetic veneers a serious thought. Here are some ways they might benefit you best! Accentuates healthy teeth The ideal candidates for cosmetic veneers would be individuals who possess a healthy set of teeth with small aesthetic flaws. Made out of a thin layer of porcelain, veneers can be … Continue reading

Fluoride Treatments: What Do They Offer?

Woman at dentist

From your previous scale and cleans, you might have noticed your appointment ends with fluoride being applied along your teeth. Fluoride treatment has a number of advantages including the following: Fights tooth sensitivity Have you noticed your teeth getting increasingly sensitive to certain beverages and foods? You could perhaps notice this when there’s a fluctuation in temperature, drinking your coffee, using toothpaste etc. This increased sensitivity isn’t always an indication of a severe dental issue. It could be a warning sign that your gums are starting to recede. By applying fluoride, it acts as a desensitizing treatment for the next … Continue reading

Why You Should Whiten Before Cosmetic Treatments

Are you thinking of getting any cosmetic dental procedures done? Whether its bonding, veneers, replacing your fillings or any other treatment, you’ll want to consider whitening your teeth first and here’s why! Dental Work Won’t Respond to Whitening When you opt for restorative treatments such as composite bonding, porcelain crowns or fillings, they are designed to match your natural tooth color. When you next go in for your whitening treatment, you’ll find that the ceramic material won’t react to the whitening agents. So if you want to make your smile brighter after restorative treatments, you’ll have to change your entire … Continue reading

5 Reasons You Have Worn Teeth

Do your teeth look flatter, worn down and more sharp around the edges? Our dentists can help you figure out the exact cause behind this and stop your tooth wear from worsening. But first, here are the most common reasons behind worn teeth you need to look out for: Malocclusion Malocclusion is a misalignment of your upper and lower teeth. Because of this, the muscles of your jaw essentially work harder in order to bring your jaws to a correct position, leading to excessive tooth wear as you bite and chew with more force. Stress Do you clench your teeth … Continue reading

Broke Your Tooth? Here’s What You Need To Do

It’s always important to know just what to do in a dental emergency. If you break or chip your tooth, quick action can reduce the amount of treatment you need and may actually save your tooth! Here are our 3 steps on how to handle a broken tooth: Stop the bleeding The amount of blood involved in mouth injuries can make any dental issue seem quite scary. Your mouth has many blood vessels, which means that even the smallest of injuries can give way to a lot of blood. The key here is to keep calm and stop the bleeding … Continue reading

What’s Causing Your Sensitive Teeth?

Noticed your teeth seem to be more sensitive as of late? Do your teeth feel tender every time you bite into hot/cold foods or when you brush your teeth?There could be a number of factors causing this! Here are some of the most common causes for sensitive teeth: Commercial whitening kits Do you use over-the-counter whitening kits to brighten your smile? This could be the reason for your increased sensitivity. Whitening products contain components that can open up tooth tubules like pores which is why we always recommend using professional-grade whitening products from our very own clinic for your safety. … Continue reading

4 Ways to Maintain a Healthier Smile

Wondering how you can get your oral health back on track? There are simple ways to maintain a healthier smile that has you at less risk of dental problems. If you’re determined to commit to a healthier, brighter smile, here are some easy habits you can take up with the help of our dentists to achieve it! Daily flossing No matter how busy your schedule gets, you should always make time to floss- every day! By flossing you end up reducing your risk of various dental problems including gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. If you hate flossing, we … Continue reading

Do You Have a Cavity?

At Purity Dental, we recommend coming in for a dental checkup at least twice a year to get your teeth cleaned and examined. This helps us catch any cavities forming. Appointments such as these are called preventive care appointments! We’ve conducted countless preventive care appointments in which we’ve been able to detect cavities in early-development stages. In these stages, cavities are usually much easier to fix and less costly! If you’ve missed your dental checkups as of late, however, here are some symptoms you’ll want to watch for that are indicative of a cavity or a severe dental issue! If … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Gum Recontouring

In the field of cosmetic dentistry, people are most familiar with terms like teeth whitening, bonding or dental veneers. These are quite popular terms used when considering a smile makeover. But did you know one of the biggest procedures to impact your smile has nothing to do with your teeth? Your gums play a pivotal role in shaping your smile. If your gums are irregular in shape and contour, this can give your teeth a rather misaligned and short look. The team at Purity Dental has a solution for this! Gum recontouring is a treatment that adjusts your gumline in … Continue reading

Dental Veneers or Crowns: Which One Should You Pick?

Have you noticed your front teeth looking worn down, discolored or chipped as of late? Whichever the case, there are dental solutions that can help you get back that perfect smile! If you’ve heard about cosmetic crowns and porcelain veneers but still aren’t sure which one is for you- let this be a basic, informative guide! Each of these two porcelain restorations have their own use so why exactly would one be better than the other? Read on for more: Type of Coverage A dental crown offers full coverage of the surface of your teeth beginning above the gums, which … Continue reading