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Broke Your Tooth? Here’s What You Need To Do

It’s always important to know just what to do in a dental emergency. If you break or chip your tooth, quick action can reduce the amount of treatment you need and may actually save your tooth! Here are our 3 steps on how to handle a broken tooth:

Stop the bleeding

The amount of blood involved in mouth injuries can make any dental issue seem quite scary. Your mouth has many blood vessels, which means that even the smallest of injuries can give way to a lot of blood. The key here is to keep calm and stop the bleeding as best as you can. We recommend using clean gauze, tissue or even a wash cloth to apply pressure to the area in order to control the bleeding.

Store the tooth

Re-implantation of your tooth might be possible so it’s important for you to locate and store your tooth safely till you get to our clinic.  If it’s a full tooth, make sure to avoid handling it by the root and only touch the crown. The root has numerous microfibers important for re-implantation that can easily be damaged.  Tooth fragments are more difficult to bond back into place but this depends on their size. Store your tooth in a sealed container and submerge it in your saliva (alternatively you can use saline or milk).

Visit the clinic

You should ideally visit our clinic within the first hour of breaking your tooth! Re-implanting broken teeth are usually a success if handled in the first 1-2 hours. Our Clinic has expert dentists experienced in handling various dental emergencies. If you need urgent dental care, we recommend calling us on (03) 9540 8900 ASAP!