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Your Guide To Dentures

Missing all or most of your teeth and considering dentures to restore your smile? This is a great choice; living with missing teeth may cause your facial muscles to droop and your jawbone to gradually deteriorate, leading to various other health concerns.

Dentures are one of the most reliable and popular tooth replacement treatments in the field of dentistry. Highly affordable and natural-looking, here’s what you need to know before getting your dentures done!

What are dentures made of?

These prosthetic teeth are made out of acrylic, custom-designed to imitate your natural smile and oral anatomy. The flesh-colored base is made out of either acrylic resin or metal and fitted over your gums as securely as possible. As the years pass, dentistry has seen significant advancements, allowing us to offer you new teeth that leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in your smile than ever.

Are you an eligible candidate?

The good news is that dentures are open to any patient that is missing most, if not all, their teeth. There are also partial dentures available that can be fixed to your natural teeth with clasps for patients who have just a few missing teeth. If you have any severe infection, gum disease or health condition that prevents you from considering other tooth replacement options, dentures are always available for consideration.

What is the process?

In your initial consultation, your oral health will be thoroughly evaluated to root out if this is the best tooth replacement method for you. In the case of partial dentures, dental x-rays may also prove necessary to determine if your natural teeth are strong enough to support the prosthetic teeth. If extraction of unhealthy teeth is needed, you will have to wait for a certain healing period before resuming. This period varies from individual to individual. Impressions will then be taken of your mouth to create your new smile. Immediate dentures will be fitted on the same day as extraction but if you opt for conventional dentures, this can take up to 2-3 weeks to design.

Have any more inquiries regarding dentures? Call our experienced dental staff at Purity Dental today and we’ll make sure you have the best guidance.