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Why your missing teeth need to be replaced ASAP!

Whether you lost your tooth through a sports injury/accident, or you’ve had a severe toothache that resulted in an extraction, a missing tooth can be quite detrimental for your oral health! After your tooth is removed, you’ll want to get it replaced ASAP for these reasons:

The opposite tooth may super-erupt

This is when a tooth erupts further out of its socket. This occurs because each tooth is built to have a biting partner on the opposite arch. When one partner is removed, the other may lean further out of its socket in search of a partner.

Adjacent teeth become misaligned

Your smile is balanced similarly to how books are placed on a shelf. Move one and the rest are likely to tilt and shift. By losing one tooth, you’re potentially creating misalignment across your entire smile. The effects of which will definitely be seen long-term.

Bone will shrink away

Once a tooth is removed, there is nothing left for the tooth to adhere to so, over time, it shrinks away. In the long term, this can weaken the stability of your adjoining teeth and even make the bone too shallow for implants and dental restorations.

How can we help you?

At Purity Dental, our dentists are experts at providing dental restorations for missing teeth. Our most popular treatments are dental implants or a fixed bridge to help maintain your smile’s natural function. Call today for more details on our treatments.