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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your 6-Month Dental Checkups!

Ever been told you need to schedule a checkup with your dentist every 6 months? Feel like since you don’t have that many dental problems and your oral health seems fine, it might be okay to skip this? In fact, there are several reasons as to why these regular checkups are far more important than you know, here are just a few:

Oral cancer screening

One of the most important reasons for your regular checkups is oral cancer screening. Cancer, of any type, is a deadly disease and most people aren’t aware they have it until they’ve reached advanced stages. At Purity Dental, we can help you catch the signs early. Through consistent evaluations made between checkups, we can scan for changes in your oral tissues. An early diagnosis may just save your life.

Catch gum disease early

Did you know that advanced stages of gum disease can lead to loss of teeth? If spotted in earlier stages, on the other hand, this condition can be reversed. A combination of regular cleanings at your dentist and great oral hygiene at home can reduce any inflammation and infection. By skipping your cleanings, this means more tartar and plaque will accumulate under your gums, contributing to gum disease.

Reverse tooth demineralization

Tooth demineralization is the first and earliest sign of tooth decay. In your regular dental checkups, we provide fluoride treatment that strengthens the weak surfaces, remineralizing them before a cavity physically develops. If you skip appointments, these demineralized surfaces will expand and by the time they are noticed, you will mostly likely need a filling.

Prevent bad breath

As much as you may try to cover up bad breath with breath mints and mouthwash, this can only be addressed with the help of a professional dental cleaning. Build up of tartar and plaque over the months means that you harbor plenty of bad-breath-causing bacteria in your mouth. Regular brushing and flossing at home, while incredibly important for your oral health, still won’t help you with the calcified deposits lying under your gumlines.

Schedule your next visit at Purity Dental. We’ll help make sure that your oral health is in tiptop shape.