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Teeth Straightening Benefits for Adults

Thinking that you’re “too old” for teeth straightening? Our dentist at Purity Dental Mulgrave might surprise you. At Purity Dental, we have many adult orthodontic patients! Being Confident About How Your Teeth Look Having a straight smile changes what you see when they look in the mirror or how you speak or smile for photos. When you feel confident about the appearance of your teeth, you’re most likely going to feel more confident about yourself. And we all know that a great smile is one of the best first impressions a person could ever make! If crooked teeth is what’s … Continue reading

How the CDBS Helps Your Family

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a health scheme that makes it possible for qualifying families to access the dental care their child needs. As long as your family qualifies for Medicaid, you likely fall into most of the criteria for meeting the guidelines on applying for CDBS. The actual CDBS plan covers children between the ages of 2-18 and can be renewed every two years. What’s Covered? CDBS includes up to $1,000 in dental treatments per child. Again, this number can re-set every two years as long as your family still qualifies. The allowance covers general preventive dental … Continue reading

Do Adults Make Good Orthodontic Candidates?

woman with braces

Are you thinking about getting braces as an adult? What a lot of people tend to think, is that orthodontic treatment is just for kids. But that’s simply not the case anymore! At Purity Dental Mulgrave, we offer age-appropriate orthodontic therapy for every stage of life. Whether you have a teen who needs to fix a few crooked teeth, or you’re an adult with a malocclusion (misaligned bite) that’s starting to cause cosmetic or jaw problems. The Truth About Adults in Braces Adults make great orthodontic patients, because they’re committed to the process being a successful one. Adults tend to … Continue reading

Common Causes of Toothaches

woman with toothahe

A bad toothache can be enough to put anyone in excruciating pain. But what do your toothache symptoms mean? What’s causing them? Depending on your particular warning signs and the severity of the discomfort, there can be a lot of reasons (and treatments) for the situation. Here are just a few: Gum Recession — Receding gumlines leave exposed root surfaces inside your mouth. Roots aren’t covered in protective enamel, so they’re more sensitive to stimuli. Changes in temperature or simply touching your tooth may cause sharp pain. Sinus Congestion — Swelling inside of your nasal sinuses can put pressure on … Continue reading

Dental Signs of Sleep Apnoea

woman with sleep Apnoea

If you suspect you have a sleeping disorder, you might want to bring it up when you schedule your next checkup at Purity Dental! Our Mulgrave dentists can actually screen for signs of oral sleep apnoea (OSA) that occur inside of your mouth. By ruling out all of the symptoms and warning signs, you can take the next steps toward a home sleep study or sleep apnoea appliance. What are some of the common dental symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea? Here are some of the most noticeable ones: Flattened Teeth — One of the predominant oral signs of sleeping disorders … Continue reading

Can Cavities be Reversed?

tooth cavity

Is it possible for you to reverse tooth decay? The answer is a bit confusing, as it depends on the stage of your cavity development. When it comes to healing or re-growing a physical cavity inside of your tooth, no, it’s not possible to reverse the decay. So, anything you see on the internet saying it’s possible to cure cavities on your own using DIY methods is a bit misleading, to say the least. However, catching early signs of cavities is the key to preventing a more complex dental issue   How Do Cavities / Dental Caries Develop? Essentially, Cavities … Continue reading

Same Day Dental Bonding

Woman with dental bonding treatment

Do you have a small chip or gap in your tooth? You may want to ask our Mulgrave dentists about an easy cosmetic procedure known as dental bonding. Bonding uses tooth-coloured filling material (composite) to cover minor blemishes or flaws, such as: Exposed root surfaces Pitted or misshaped enamel Minor chips Small gaps between teeth The procedure is simple, fast, and essentially pain free. In most cases when you walk into our office with an issue, we can perform the procedure on the same day. No Numbing Needed Bonding is a procedure that requires little tooth preparation. As such, it’s … Continue reading

Three Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

getting a dental crown

Trying to avoid a dental crown? If you’re in one of these three situations, it’s best not to put it off any longer. A Filling Just Won’t Stay Put In order for a tooth to get a filling, there needs to be enough structure around the restoration to hold in it in place. Fillings can’t cover large areas or build a tooth, as they’ll break or fall out the moment you put any pressure on them. If the area is small enough, with enamel surrounding all sides, then a filling should be fine. However, thin surrounding structure and a large … Continue reading

Hidden Signs of Tooth Decay

woman with tooth decay

Could you have a cavity without even realizing it? If so, you might be surprised if our Mulgrave dentist recommends a filling during your next appointment. To combat tooth decay early on and minimize the risk of cavities spreading into adjacent teeth, watch for these common signs of cavities: Floss Shredding When you floss your teeth, does the string tend to get hung up in one area of your mouth? When you glide it out, is the floss starting to shred or tear apart? It could be that it’s getting stuck on a rough area of tooth decay or leaky … Continue reading

Should I Get Sedation During My Dental Appointment?

woman having sedation dentistry

Dental sedation (aka “sleep dentistry”) comes in a variety of different methods and strengths. Some are deeper than others. Certain types of sedatives even cause amnesia, meaning that you’re likely to forget most of your dental appointment altogether. On the other hand, lighter analgesics allow you to remain fully alert. But how can you tell if sedation dentistry is right for you? Is it time to talk to one of our Mulgrave dentists at Purity Dental. Ask them about adding a sedative medication to your next appointment. Here are a few signs that sedation is a good choice. You Keep … Continue reading