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How Should I Store My Dentures?

Dentures are a great, affordable tooth replacement method that helps you eat, smile and talk with confidence. This investment, however, also requires some maintenance on your end to make sure it lasts for years to come. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to proper storage of your dentures overnight:

Why is denture care so important?

Your dentures are supposed to last many years with the right care. How you store and clean your dentures play a big role in preventing your dentures from losing shape, drying out or becoming increasingly uncomfortable to wear. With no hygiene routine in place, they will also accumulate bacteria, just like your natural teeth would.

How do I store my dentures?

Unless recommended otherwise by your dentist, the general rule of thumb is to gently brush your dentures and store them in clean water or denture cleaning solution each night. Denture cleaning solution helps keep your prosthetic teeth free of bacteria and keeps bad odours at bay as well. Before wearing your dentures again in the morning, rinse them out with water to avoid accidentally ingesting the solution.

What shouldn’t I do?

You should avoid wearing your dentures overnight as this will definitely cause harmful bacteria to breed. When brushing your dentures, keep in mind that your prosthetic teeth are far softer than your natural teeth. You’ll need to avoid hard-bristled toothbrushes, abrasive toothpaste and any whitening products. When storing your dentures away, make sure to avoid using warm or hot water as this can warp your dentures. Cold water or water at room temperature would work best!

Denture cleaning and storage would only take a few minutes of your time each night. At Purity Dental we’ll help guide you on all the steps you need to make sure your dentures are well-looked after.