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Don’t Qualify For Dental Implants? What Can You Do Next?

In order to get dental implants, patients need to meet certain criteria. This criterion includes having a certain amount of bone density in your jaw to be able to place the implant, which is dependent on your oral health and/or genetics. However, even if you do have adequate bone mass, concerns such as gum disease or other health conditions will leave you with a compromised immune system and interfere with your ability to get implants. So, if you don’t meet the criteria, what can you do then? Here are the options that you’ll usually be presented with:

Resolving interfering issues

The first step would be to look at how to resolve any habits or health issues that are interfering with the ability to insert dental implants. For example, an existing infection or gum disease can spread to your surgical site and cause severe complications. Hence, our dentist will recommend a treatment plan accordingly. It would also help to pause (or stop) habits like smoking and other tobacco products that dry out your mouth during this healing period.

Get a bone graft

If it’s a limited amount of bone mass preventing you from getting implants, a bone graft might be your next best option. A block of grafted bone will be surgically inserted into place with the use of aids to facilitate integration and growth in that area. This bone can be taken from anywhere on your body, but usually from your chin or area surrounding your mouth. Once the bone has integrated with your jaw and is fully healed (which can take around 6-9 months), you should be ready for your dental implants.

Bridges & Dentures

If neither of these proves possible, there are other minimally invasive replacement options that you might be eligible for. If you have a single missing tooth, a dental bridge can be placed by shaving down the enamel on the two teeth surrounding the gap, placing crowns on top and using them to anchor a false tooth in between. While implants are generally preferred since they feel more secure, dentures are another alternative that patients can opt for.

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