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3 Diet Habits That Can Give You Cavities!

As it turns out, those seemingly healthy lifestyles may not be as foolproof as you think! Many “healthy” individuals have a high risk of tooth decay due to several detrimental diet habits that they aren’t even aware of. Here are some of the most common ones that could be affecting your life!

Opting for diet soda

“Sugar-free” sodas aren’t necessarily cavity-free. Artificial sweeteners and low pH levels can still give way to acidic environments in your mouth, which supports bacterial growth. So if you choose to regularly sip on a diet soda, this will eventually accumulate over time. Your saliva will break down the artificial sweeteners in this liquid, causing biofilm production. Liquid-induced cavities also tend to begin deep in the grooves and fissures of your molars (back teeth) and between teeth. This is usually where your brush doesn’t reach.

Hydrating with sports drinks

Sports drinks are often promoted as a healthy alternative for athletes to stay hydrated during their activities. But, the ideal drink for hydration will always be water! Much like diet sodas, sports drinks can also be quite detrimental to your oral health if consumed frequently. Certain studies also show that sports drinks are worse for your teeth than naturally sweetened sodas!

A carb diet

Did you know processed carbohydrates can result in higher chances of tooth decay? Snacking on carbs throughout the day can actually eat away at your enamel since your natural biofilm levels are raised and bacteria thrive in such environments.

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