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4 Ways to Maintain a Healthier Smile

Wondering how you can get your oral health back on track? There are simple ways to maintain a healthier smile that has you at less risk of dental problems. If you’re determined to commit to a healthier, brighter smile, here are some easy habits you can take up with the help of our dentists to achieve it!

Daily flossing

No matter how busy your schedule gets, you should always make time to floss- every day! By flossing you end up reducing your risk of various dental problems including gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. If you hate flossing, we recommend trying a water flosser instead! Water flossing can reach deep into your gum pockets, making it highly efficient!

Stop nervous chewing

Make it a conscious habit to stop yourself from chewing your fingernails or pencils or even grinding and clenching your teeth! These habits can be quite detrimental for your teeth since it will cause your front teeth to wear down, flatten and even chip! It’s time to find a less damaging habit!

Hydrate more

Do you find yourself drinking more fizzy and sugary drinks than you do water? Fizzy drinks can erode teeth and result in tooth decay, so it’s best to balance your beverages. Water is a natural drink, free of any acids and sweeteners (be it artificial or natural). By drinking more water, you’re keeping your teeth healthy and you also reduce your risk of any cavities forming!

Use gum with xylitol

If you’re being more conscious of foods you consume, we recommend starting with the gum you chew! Xylitol is a type of sweetener known to help prevent plague from building up on the surface of the teeth. So when you’re next picking out your gum, make sure to go for sugar-free products with xylitol on the label! You can even chew it between meals to better help fight the buildup of bad bacteria.

We recommend scheduling your checkups at Purity Dental at least every 6 months to make sure your oral hygiene is on track. This way we can catch any problem as they arise and it’ll be a far less costly and time-consuming process for you! If you are due for your check up, please give our team a call on (03) 9540 8900 to make a visit!